Customized Flags

     Customized metal flags have become some of our most popular items. We add badges, patches, lettering and more to flags to give them a unique look, and further personalize the design. 

     Start the process by selecting from our popular sizes of tattered or square distressed flag designs. We recommend our 30" x 17" flag to give plenty of space for application of badges and other personalization items, this allows us to get more detail in the badge designs. Of course, we can always make bigger or smaller flags! Thin blue line or classic red white and blue are very popular. Additional center line colors for different first responders are also available. State flags or other custom designs are certainly possible, contact us with your ideas to see how we can help!

     We request a high resolution picture of the badge or patch you wish to add, if any. Different department badges have varying levels of detail, and your pricing is largely driven by how much detail is in your specific department badge. In general, adding a badge will cost between $95 and $150, including digital design fee. 

     Lastly add any additional personalization you like! Name and man numbers cut into the flag are popular, as are sayings or dates across the center line of the flag done in a contrasting vinyl color.  You can add additional plaques to the bottom of the flag for more space, add another badge or patch, or add designs with a special meaning. If you have a special idea, just let us know! We're happy to create a custom design.