Appreciation Plaques

     We create plaques for everything including Retirement, Promotion, Academy Graduation, Military Service Appreciation, and any other special occasion. Every plaque is custom designed specifically for your needs and include any number of special touches.

     Starting with a design consultation, we come up with a design that will allow you to add all of the information you might need, along with any special additions including badges, patches, unit insignia and more. Many of these items include additional artwork commemorating a wide range of First Responder and Military career milestones. 

     We request a high resolution picture of any badges, patches, unit insignia, etc you may want to add to your plaque. Mix and match styles, provide us a general theme and information about the recipient and we can help you come up with the perfect finished piece of art. 

     Take a look at the examples below. All of these plaques are made to order and include a wide variety of custom design elements.